The motto of the company is “Reditus bonorum”, which means “sustainable income”.
Choosing REDITUS

You get

Work experience

work with people who have considerable experience in the hotel industry and know how to create business processes for sustainable income and project development

Save time

speed up the launch of the project because we set up and implement an effective sales system as quickly as possible;

Protected from mistakes

are protected from mundane mistakes made by investors who manage themselves. You are also ahead of your competitors, who will make these mistakes

Reduce costs

reduce sales costs. Search, preparation, maintenance, and official employment of the team; organization of workplaces (office appliances, furniture, expendable materials). You DO NOT NEED to worry and pay for all the above-mentioned issues

Free up resources

free up resources for another activity. You no longer waste time monitoring the sales team and can use it to solve strategic problems, develop new services or products

Sales team

from the first day of the project you cooperate with an experienced and motivated sales team, the income of which directly depends on the hotel income. A team knows how to work with failures and difficult clients

Have a well-defined plan

have a well-defined plan for your project development and a list of tools to achieve the planned goals. Together we choose the positioning of the project, formulate a strategy, and create a thorough plan for its implementation

Useful Information​

Recent news from the world and the Ukrainian hotel industry. Information on legislative changes that directly or indirectly affect the industry and customers

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