The motto of the company is “Reditus bonorum”, which means “sustainable income”.

REDITUS hotels

Our approach allows working effectively to increase the profitability of any real estate establishment: hotels, hotel and restaurant complexes, apartments, offices, etc. We use only verified and state-of-the-art sales promotion tools. An individual approach to problem solving and cooperation with clients is of vital importance in this process.
REDITUS hotels

Our team

The founders of the company are specialists in the hotel industry due to considerable experience of 20 years. They have held various positions in such hotels as Leopolis, Nota Bene, BANKHOTEL, Dniester Premier Hotel (Lviv), Hotel NEMO Resort & SPA (Odesa), Hotel Edem Resort Medical & SPA (Lviv region), Ivancso Birtok, Thermal Waters of Kosyno (Transcarpathian region)


Sviatoslav Kasianchuk

Founder / Executive Director


Natalia Kolodii

Standards implementation specialist

Therefore, they know about all non-obvious and non-trivial problems in hotel operation and can solve them using proper internal business processes. An excellent understanding of the specifics of hospitality in the Western region of the country is an essential aspect for successful management

Our ideology​

The principles of the company

are proper management, full transparency of business processes, clear reporting and responsibility

The goal of the company

help owners of real estate establishments achieve high and sustainable income, increase sales and free up resources for sustainable and continuous project development due to a wide range of professional services

The value of the company

professionals who “live” with hospitality and create perfect service

Принципи компанії​

аргументоване управління, повна прозорість бізнес-процесів, чітка звітність та відповідальність.

Мета компанії

через комплекс професійних послуг допомогти власникам нерухомості досягнути високого та стабільного прибутку, вдосконалити продажі та вивільнити ресурси для сталого й безперервного розвитку проєкту.

Цінність компанії

професіонали своєї справи, які «живуть» гостинністю та створюють досконалий сервіс.

Useful Information​

Recent news from the world and the Ukrainian hotel industry. Information on legislative changes that directly or indirectly affect the industry and customers

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